music shouldn’t sound ordinary.


With that idea in mind, we locked ourselves in our studios for four months and didn’t emerge until we had a thousand of the most modern sounding tracks in library music licensing. In a little over a year, we have boosted our Vault’s track count to well over two thousand fully customizable, one-stop tracks ready for your projects. Beatnik lives and breathes the world of music. We are constantly listening to and learning from anything and everything from Billboard’s best to the Indie Underground’s coolest to ensure that our production quality is always at the peak of its relevancy. We love the challenges that come with creating music for specific projects, priding ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to delivering exceptional work on tight deadlines. Beatnik believes in the almost magical energy of collaboration when it comes to creating art and we are available around the clock to hear your ideas and put them down to tape. 


So get at us! We never leave our studios anyways.


Let's Make something cool

Music Licensing // Custom Composition // Music Supervision

The Suits

Gareth Smith // CEO // Executive Producer 

Charlie Foltz // President // Lead Composer