In a small countryside studio just north of San Francisco, in late 2012, a group of musicians gathered for late-night sessions and crafted what would become the 1955 sound: lean tight songs with a cinematic sweep to them, propelled by a stripped down garage rock vibe and an unbridled live energy. A throwback to the simplicity and clarity of early rock and roll songwriting, the songs recall the energy of the bands’ heroes (Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan) but bristle with a modern, moody edge along the lines of Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys, The Strokes, and the Walkmen. Echoes of the mysterious year that gave them their name cut through their pop/rock sound to reveal a nod to the past.

          On February 6, 2015 the band released ‘The French Had A Name For It’, a four-song EP recorded in a day and a half at Prairie Sun Studio in Northern California. It was produced by the band and recorded/engineered by Matt Wright. Mastered in LA by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys).


Dead Country Gentlemen

        Formed in the fall of 2013, Dead Country Gentlemen are fronted by Cameron Ray, a 26 year old California-born songwriter raised amid the bright lights and dark motives of Las Vegas. The band's music combines thundering distorted guitars, stomping rhythms and catchy melodies with emotionally charged lyrics about love, loss and the liquor that fuels both. It has roots in the great country-rock songwriters of the past with contemporary sounds and themes.

     Dead Country Gentlemen are based in San Francisco and comprised of guitar, bass, drums, and keys. Having played throughout San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Ojai, San Luis Obispo and Reno, Nevada, The Dead Country Gentlemen put on a loud, high-energy live show that often results in breaking a sweat, breaking a string, and on some occasions, breaking skin.


“Circuit bent bleeps, grimy drum loops, buzzy toys, humming synths, processed handclaps, and failing 80’s keyboards are all creatively edited together with the flesh and blood sounds of guitar, bass, & drums in this album – an album that presents a band ready to explore the fading art of political music.”

— XS Noize

“At its root is the same new romantic-derived sounds Stars have been excelling at for the past 15 years, but with smart additions of chillwave, electropop, and dreampop.”

— PopMatters


Sunset Exotic

        Sunset Exotic is the solo project of FRENCHGIRLS singer/songwriter/producer Charlie Foltz. His first mixtape titled “Oddity”, consists of the two flagship songs of Sunset Exotic, recorded at Charlie’s studio in Santa Rosa, California in June of 2016. The mixtape borrows elements of 80’s new wave, London synth pop, and modern french electronic music and explores the themes of love, manipulation and bitterness in a revealing tone full of brutally honest self assessment. Sunset Exotic aims to be sonically massive with moody undercurrents that are reminiscent of artists like Talking Heads, Gorillaz, Blood Orange, The The, and David Bowie. Currently, Charlie is wrapping up the debut EP that will release early next year under the Sunset Exotic banner.